Professional Communication And Business Writing

Professional communication skills: Business writing, English grammar, business English, email, and presentations skills

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- Business grammar and business English
- How to conduct yourself professionally
- Writing a business letter

What you'll learn

Business grammar and business English
How to conduct yourself professionally
Writing a business letter
Conflict resolution skills
Professional email communication skills
Meeting communication skills
Report writing skills
Presentation skills and creating storytelling presentations
Business proposal writing

* Requirements

* You can take the course without any communication skills and gain the skills as you progress through the course


Become a better business writer and conduct yourself more professionally in your writing and interactions with your boss, clients, or co-workers - today and for the rest of your career.


  • English grammar needed to write at work or as a freelancer

  • Business writing

  • Write better emails with effective email writing techniques

  • How to communicate on the phone or video calls

  • How to communicate via instant messenger

  • Conflict management

  • How to conduct effective meetings


The course begins by focusing on business writing and specifically grammar. If you work in a professional environment, your clients and co-workers are all educated and know grammar well. Few things make you look less professional than business writing with poor grammar. After the first part of the course, you will understand grammar rules to make your business writing clear and professional.

After you master grammar skills, you can apply your business writing skills to many common professional tasks like memo writing, writing text messages, writing email to managers, co-workers, or potential clients.


The course begins with simple written communication skills like grammar and writing correct and effective sentences that communicate their ideas.


Once you gain solid grammar skills, the course will teach you slightly more advanced communication skills like writing email, instant messages, and day-to-day communication within your team.


After the course get past the intermediate communication skills, you will learn advanced communication skills like writing reports and business proposals. You will also learn how to pitch your business, create presentations that have great storytelling, and much more.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable grammar worksheets, and business writing exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable.

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course.

* My list of 50 business-success skills list with ideas for which business communication and general productivity skills you can also improve.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


This business English grammar and writing course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that you will improve your communication skills with this course just like thousands of my students already have. 

Invest in your future. Enroll in now.

Who this course is for:

  • Junior employees, entrepreneurs, or freelancers who need to improve their business communication skills and business English

Course content

27 sections • 266 lectures

Welcome and what to expect from this business English and communication course Preview 04:23

How to take the course if you are an intermediate or advanced student Preview 01:41

Introducing basic building blocks of English grammar Preview 04:07

Sentence clauses and sentence fragments Preview 01:34

Conjunctions Preview 03:40

Fixing run-on sentences and dealing with complex grammar issues Preview 03:48

Example of fixing run-on sentences with simple and clear sentences Preview 06:21

Four types of sentence structures Preview 05:57

10 comma rules that will immediately make you a better writer Preview 07:29

Example of fixing many mistakes per sentence in a sales text Preview 10:13

Example 2 of fixing many mistakes per sentence in a sales text Preview 06:43

Semicolon rules Preview 08:13

Colon rules Preview 04:44

Question marks Preview 07:49

Use of quotes - otherwise known as quotation marks Preview 05:05

Hyphen rules Preview 07:27

Another rule for using the hyphen Preview 02:34

Common terms with hyphen to memorize Preview 00:38

Exercises to practice the hyphen rules Preview 07:58

NEW! Many more examples added to the course Preview 01:49

English grammar and punctuation exercise Preview 01:12

English grammar and punctuation exercise - answers Preview 04:12

Punctuation skills quiz

Advanced punctuation and grammar skills quiz

Common word choice errors: Its vs. it's, Fewer vs. less, than vs. then & more Preview 06:05

Use of lets vs. let's Preview 01:43

Who vs. Whom Preview 02:46

Commonly misspelled words that spellcheck won't pick up - don't trust spellcheck Preview 03:48

Regular and irregular verbs Preview 06:19

Common word-choice error exercise Preview 00:54

Common word-choice error exercise answer Preview 06:24

Common word error quiz

Advanced word choice quiz

Introduction to English tenses Preview 02:53

Four forms a verb can take Preview 06:28

Answer to have gone vs. went Preview 01:41

English verb tense exercise Preview 00:31

English verb tense exercise answers Preview 03:05

Verb tense quiz

10 weak words to take out of your writing and example of email to boss Preview 07:36

More weak words and phrases Preview 01:12

Example of my own writing from years ago and how it can be improved Preview 04:30

Example of using fewer words to communicate the same thing Preview 01:57

Exercise - common grammar mistakes to avoid Preview 00:36

Exercise - common grammar mistakes to avoid - answer Preview 06:28

Weak word quiz

Advanced weak word quiz

Section introduction to writing professional emails Preview 00:59

Example of an email written between employees of the same company Preview 08:22

This is an example of email writing that goes beyond writing emails. It's also an example of a correct mindset that impresses your boss.

Example of a confused and convoluted email, and how to improve it Preview 05:51

Further explaining the previous lecture on not writing convoluted email Preview 02:12

Your out of office auto-response email script Preview 02:45

Using italics to emphasize importance, urgency, or emotion in a professional way Preview 02:10

How to politely ask for something without the risk of offending them Preview 03:51

The error to avoid when writing short sentences Preview 05:47

Writing an email to co-workers or a manager - exercise Preview 00:57

Writing an email to co-workers or a manager - exercise answer Preview 02:53

Email communication skills quiz

Advanced email communication skills quiz

Activity to sharpen your communication skills: handling something you did wrong Preview 01:24

Activity answer for email communication skills: handling something you did wrong Preview 05:39

Quiz about owning up to your mistakes

Making communication gender-inclusive Preview 02:24

How to start your email by professionally addressing the recipient Preview 03:52

Email subject line modifiers like urgent, action, or confidential Preview 03:11

Write now and send later technique Preview 02:37

What are memos and when to use memos vs. email vs. reports Preview 04:37

Email subject line exercise Preview 01:20

Email subject line exercise - answer 1 Preview 00:43

Email subject line exercise - answer Preview 02:28

Extra email communication skills quiz

Example of a bad pitch Preview 05:22

Example of a good pitch Preview 02:50

Using bold text, caps, numbers and logical flow to emphasize important points Preview 11:42

Writing email recap Preview 02:17

Exercise - writing a cold email pitch Preview 00:43

Exercise - writing a cold email pitch - answer Preview 01:24

Email-writing skills quiz

Advanced cold email skills quiz

Proofreading your writing Preview 09:03

Checklist for proofreading Preview 01:34

Use version revisions, suggestion feature, and other proofreaders Preview 04:48

Not re-reading what we expect and using different perspectives Preview 05:30

Proofreading exercise Preview 00:30

Exercise answer Preview 03:14

Proofreading quiz

Instant messaging etiquette communication skills Preview 05:51

If you have a client who abuses text communication Preview 05:02

Example of bad IM skills Preview 02:56

Instant messaging exercise Preview 01:10

Instant messaging exercise - answer Preview 03:14

Instant messaging communication skills quiz

Advanced instant messaging communication skills quiz

Introduction to business letters Preview 02:38

Example of a cover letter for a resume and a job application Preview 04:28

Basic business fonts Preview 02:22

Business letters and resume cover letter exercise Preview 01:07

Business letters and resume cover letter exercise - answer Preview 03:01

Business letter quiz

Advanced business letter quiz

Writing a business report section introduction Preview 01:11

Formal vs. informal reports Preview 03:24

First person vs. second person vs. third person writing Preview 04:43

Active voice vs. passive voice sentences Preview 05:36

Introduction to the report we will write in this course Preview 04:35

Writing the executive summary of the report Preview 05:55

The introduction section of a business report Preview 02:05

Writing the first paragraph of the business report Preview 04:09

Second and third paragraph of the business report Preview 06:02

Finishing up the rest of the paragraphs in the report body Preview 03:28

Recommendation section of the report Preview 02:16

Conclusion section of the business report Preview 04:40

How to create visual charts and graphs to add to your report Preview 02:26

General report-writing tips and how to avoid procrastination Preview 05:26

Design templates for your report to make it more professional and beautiful Preview 02:04

Bibliography section of your report Preview 02:32

Business report exercise Preview 01:37

Business report exercise - answer Preview 02:06

Business report quiz

Advanced business report quiz

Writing a business proposal - section introduction Preview 03:02

Choosing a nice business proposal template Preview 02:34

Opening slide of a business proposal Preview 05:35

Table of contents slide Preview 02:02

Executive summary of a business proposal of a $500k/year business Preview 06:26

Advanced: Editing using emotional intelligence and understanding of your reader Preview 09:07

Solution section and project schedule Preview 03:16

Researching your target reader for better and more targeted writing Preview 03:51

Writing the full solution part of the business proposal Preview 06:56

Team section of the business proposal Preview 01:25

Pricing slide of a business proposal Preview 01:57

Contact information of your proposal Preview 01:12

Putting a lot of text on a proposal presentation page Preview 03:33

Business proposal exercise - question Preview 01:23

Business proposal exercise - answer Preview 02:12

Business proposal quiz

Business proposal advanced quiz

Assertiveness section introduction Preview 01:02

Assertiveness definition Preview 07:15

Situations when it's difficult to know when and how much to be assertive Preview 06:24

Not an option - you need it so you are not passive aggressive later Preview 01:48

Example - being assertive working from home and getting others to be quiet Preview 03:05

Create limiting beliefs in others Preview 04:39

Example of saying no with courtesy and reinforcing it with a limiting belie Preview 06:43

Assertive communication exercise Preview 00:57

Assertive communication exercise - answer Preview 02:55

Assertive communication quiz

Introduction to negotiation using assertive communication Preview 01:44

Bad-cop, good-cop negotiation technique Preview 04:39

B.A.T.N.A, bluffing, and when to walk away Preview 05:52

Negotiation exercise Preview 00:41

Negotiation exercise answer Preview 03:24

Negotiation quiz

Resume writing section introduction Preview 01:19

Introduction to resume writing with common errors & resume lifecycle Preview 04:19

Outline of a resume & starting to write it together with you Preview 02:10

Possibly using Canva for pretty resume templates Preview 07:00

The "Objective Statement" in your resume Preview 02:43

Skills section of a resume Preview 04:20

Starting to write the experience section of the resume Preview 07:19

Continuing to write the experience section and showing leadership ability Preview 07:10

"Super competence" line Preview 03:16

Core skills resume line Preview 04:46

Latest job section of the skills section Preview 05:58

References Preview 02:29

Should resume be written in first or 3rd person? Preview 01:28

Application follow-up Preview 02:06

Hobbies section - making it stand out Preview 03:19

Resume writing exercise - answer Preview 01:34

Resume writing exercise - answer Preview 01:48

Resume-writing quiz

Advanced resume-writing quiz

Introduction to storytelling and persuasion Preview 02:56

Introduction to storytelling and persuasion Preview 10:38

Story structure at its basic elements Preview 07:11

Character building in your story Preview 04:42

Exercise - let's build a story from scratch Preview 05:15

Introduction to show-don't-tell for great imagery and persuasion Preview 04:17

Show, don't tell in a job interview to help the interviewer see you at your best Preview 07:39

Show, don't tell - in creative writing and poetry Preview 08:21

Vocal elements to convey emotion and make the audience feel Preview 07:14

What makes a good story Preview 04:37

Story medium Preview 02:54

Planning for the medium and audience Preview 05:47

Corporate brand story Preview 06:03

The case study story - one of the most effective tools for businesses & media Preview 05:04

Personal story for an interview or at work Preview 10:24

Tell a great first-impression story Preview 05:28

Storytelling exercise answer Preview 03:34

Storytelling quiz

Advanced storytelling quiz

Starting the second part of the course: Communication skills beyond writing Preview 01:42

Listening skills as part of business communication skills - introduction Preview 01:35

Active listening skills Preview 02:10

Example of active listening and improved comprehension I had to go through Preview 03:24

Example of how a company lost me as a client by "fake" listening Preview 04:50

Cycle of constructive listening and communication Preview 02:29

Listening to and getting feedback, even if negative Preview 02:31

Listening skills exercise Preview 01:24

Listening skills exercise - answer Preview 02:38

Active listening quiz

Advanced active listening quiz

Doing calls vs. written communication Preview 02:37

Phone communication basics Preview 05:01

Skype or video call communication Preview 02:06

Video call preparation Preview 02:48

Mistakes not to make on a video call Preview 02:52

Phone communication skills exercise Preview 00:57

Phone communication skills exercise - answer Preview 02:52

Phone communication skills exercise 2 Preview 01:46

Phone communication skills exercise - answer 2 Preview 03:58

Call communication skills quiz

Advanced communication skills quiz

Introduction to effective meetings and meeting communication skills Preview 03:06

Managing the time/flow of the meeting during the meeting Preview 02:25

Interrupting the interruptors Preview 02:29

Different seating arrangements Preview 02:40

Note-taking techniques Preview 05:14

Taking meeting minutes Preview 04:58

Meeting communication exercise Preview 00:38

Meeting communication exercise - answer Preview 00:53

Meeting skills quiz

Advanced meeting skills quiz

What exactly is correct feedback Preview 01:14

Giving employee feedback Preview 03:29

Situation Behavior Impact (S.B.I Model) Preview 03:02

How to take feedback Preview 03:29

If you have to give negative feedback Preview 03:07

Feedback exercise Preview 01:22

Feedback exercise answer Preview 02:42

Feedback quiz

Advanced feedback quiz

Section introduction Preview 02:09

Prose vs. poetry Preview 02:55

One sentence business pitch/explanation template Preview 05:19

Example of a bad and rambling pitch Preview 07:52

Problem and solution sections of the pitch deck Preview 09:34

Differentiation and why this approach slides Preview 04:14

Business model Preview 03:10

Elevator pitch exercise Preview 00:42

Elevator pitch exercise - answer Preview 02:40

Business pitch communication quiz

Business pitch advanced quiz

Section introduction to creating beautiful and professional presentations Preview 02:25

Creating an account in Google Docs so we can use Google Slides Preview 02:35

Looking at templates in Google Slides Preview 05:24

My evolution of bad designs Preview 04:55

Picking royalty free and paid clipart options Preview 04:35

Looking at templates in Canva Preview 04:53

Customizing our design Preview 10:50

Adding the beautiful cover slide to our presentation in Google Sheets Preview 04:21

Starting to create a pretty slide for informational slides in Google Slides Preview 05:39

Creating pretty bullet points Preview 04:05

Animating slides Preview 05:13

Using our new customized template Preview 04:57

Fixing the bug you might have seen with an image underneath Preview 01:33

How to make extra cool presentations that don't look like powerpoint Preview 06:56

Next level for your presentations - storytelling with images to inspire Preview 06:07

TEDx presentation guide Preview 04:40

Presentation exercise Preview 01:01

Presentation exercise - answer Preview 05:19

Presentations quiz

Advanced presentations quiz

Course certificate: How to get it if you need it Preview 02:05

Bonus lecture: Next steps Preview 00:06